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At Fernhill School in Glasgow, a high standard of education coupled with the promotion of positive attitudes towards learning ensures that every one of our boys and girls, from our co-educational nursery class for children aged 2-5yrs and primary school, through to our all-girl secondary school, achieves academic excellence.

Fernhill School pupils can be justly proud of a highly successful year in public examinations this year.

Our Fourth Year pupils were ranked 4th nationally achieving over 99% pass at Intermediate 2 with 94% of passes all at A or B Grade. This year approximately half of our S4 pupils achieved eight straight A grades. 

Fifth Year pupils sitting Highers have achieved a 94% pass rate. We are delighted that in 2014 our focus on small classes has resulted in 10% of our pupils finishing S5 with 6 Highers at A Grade Band 1. In 2014, an S5 pupil was awarded with the Royal Society of Chemistry's Prize for Higher Chemistry.

In S6 our pupils achieve success in a range of Advanced Higher and higher courses. Each year courses are set to meet the needs of each individual pupil in our final year. Our outstanding S6 Leadership programme prepares our pupils to make a positive contribution to society. Our pupils have secured places in prestigious universities to study a wide range of courses including Medicine, Dentistry, Law, Veterinary Medicine and Engineering. 



Children who benefit from small class sizes achieve more academically than their regular class size peers.

Small class sizes are at the core of Fernhill School's philosophy and are a major factor in our pupils' exceptional academic achievement

Cabinet Secretary for Education & Lifelong Learning, Fiona Hyslop, spoke about class sizes to the Scottish Parliament in 2007 and made the following statement:

“Smaller classes allow enhanced levels of pupil/teacher interaction which, in turn, contributes to giving Scotland’s young people better life chances by increasing their attainment and realising their ambition.”

Fernhill School's small class sizes provide your child with the opportunity to achieve academic excellence.

Our class size creates the ideal learning environment and with the support of our Fernhill Family, ensures that any disciplinary or behavioural issues are spotted and resolved quickly and carefully.

Learn more about how small class sizes can help your child in their education and in later life.


We believe that affordable fees, small class sizes and a strong commitment to academic excellence equals the best and most affordable private education in Scotland, irrespective of family income.

We are aware of the personal financial sacrifices that you make by choosing an independent education for your child and we are committed to making this investment in your child's future a successful one.

Fernhill School is an independent Catholic School and we pride ourselves on offering the highest standard of education for every child, regardless of religious background.

We are a registered Scottish charity and every member of our Board of Governors is a dedicated member of the Fernhill Family. We all share the same vision: to help realise the potential of the pupils of Fernhill School.

Find out more about how your child can flourish in Fernhill School's caring and inclusive environment.