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Fernhill School offers the best education with affordable fees

Fernhill School Nursery Fees

Fernhill School Nursery offers the best start to your child's education at an affordable price.

We are in partnership with South Lanarkshire Council, meaning that we can offer government funding on nursery places. Our nursery fees are determined annually and are as follows for 2013/2014:

Session Type Fee
Morning Sessions (8.00am - 12.30pm) £24.75
Afternoon Sessions (1.00pm - 5.30pm) £24.75
Full Day (8.00am - 5.30pm)
Additional Hour £5.50

Fees are quoted per session and are not inclusive of government subsidies.  

Fernhill Primary Department Fees

In Fernhill's Primary Department, we aim to provide the highest standard of education for your child at the best possible price.

We understand that the step from nursery to primary can be difficult financially and our primary school fees are structured to make this step as easy as possible.

Our primary school fees are determined annually and are as follows for 2013/2014:

Stage Price
P1: £6,360
P2: £8,292
P3 - P6:  £8,400
P7: £8,679

Fees quoted are per annum and are inclusive of textbooks.

Fernhill Secondary Department Fees

In Fernhill Secondary Department, your child is offered the opportunity to achieve academic excellence at an affordable price.

Secondary school is a vitally important part of your child's education and we believe that our fees make a high standard of education at secondary level more accessible. Secondary school fees are determined annually and are as follows for 2013/2014:

Stage Price
S1 - S2: £9,043
S3 - S5: £9,300
S6: £8,976

Fees quoted are per annum and are inclusive of textbooks.

After School Care Fees

Fernhill School runs an After School Care programme for pupils of the Primary and Secondary Departments from 3.30pm - 5.00pm, Monday to Friday.

Fees for After School Care are as follows for 2013/2014:

Item Price
Deposit £50.00
Single Session (in Advance) £7.50
Single Session (Ad-Hoc) £8.00

Please note that single session fees are quoted per day and all fees include a healthy snack and drinks.

Places are secured upon payment of £50.00 deposit.


For the 2013/2014 session, fees which are paid in full before 31st August 2013 are subject to a 1% discount. 

There are many ways in which you can pay your child's fees:

Payment Method How to Pay Using This Method
Direct Debit Request a Direct Debit form from our Finance Officer, fill out and return to our Finance Office.
Standing Order Contact your bank to set up a Standing Order. Details of Fernhill School's bank account can be obtained by contacting us.
Cheque Hand your cheque into Fernhill School's Finance Office or post it to us using Recorded Delivery with a note of your child's name. 
Direct to Bank If you wish to pay your child's school fees directly through your bank, please be sure to contact our Finance Office to obtain the required Fernhill School bank account details.

Fernhill School offers parents flexible payment plans for school fees and you can choose to pay fees upfront at the beginning of the school year, per term in three equal instalments or monthly over a 10 or 12 month period. 

We also operate an extensive bursary programme and provide an array of discounts on fees.

You can find out more about financial assistance at Fernhill School here.

Further details concerning fees may be obtained by emailing Fernhill School's Admissions Executive or calling our Finance Office on 0141 634 2674.